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Alpha-A High Performance Modular Measurement System


This system features high performance dielectric, conductivity, electrochemical, impedance and gain phase measurements in the frequency domain. It is our latest, most powerful and flexible system and recommend for new instrument designs.

The system is modular and based on an Alpha-A mainframe unit which usually is combined with one or more test interfaces optimized for special functionality. All test interfaces for impedance measurement offer in addition high general purpose performance like highest accuracy and ultra wide impedance and frequency range. 

This makes the Alpha-A system an unique and easy to use instrument with exceptional overall performance which suits in addition many special requirements like e.g. 4 electrode high impedance, high voltage, high current measurements  and potentiostat, galvanostat functions for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS.

The Alpha-A family covers 18 orders of magnitude impedance range (16 orders for each impedance test interface), 12.5 orders of magnitude frequency range and 2m° basic phase accuracy.

This combination makes the Alpha-A system a powerful tool which sets the pace for electric frequency domain analysis instrumentation. As a result, permittivity, conductivity and impedance of nearly all materials or components including special functions can be measured broadband and over a wide temperature range without changing sample geometry or sample cells.

A sub range of the Alpha-A system functionality is also available by the Alpha and Beta single unit analyzers which are predecessors of the Alpha-A series and are still available as an economical alternative. A more detailed comparison of the three Analyzer series can be found here.

Features of Alpha-A Mainframe + Test Interface Family