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Active sample cell

ZGS Alpha Active Sample Cell

The ZGS active sample cell test interface for the Alpha-A analyzer series is a special version of the BDS1200 standard sample cell with optimized frequency performance. 

Dedicated to be operated exclusively with the Alpha-A analyzer mainframe, it features high-performance dielectric, conductivity or impedance measurements from 3 µHz up to 40 Mhz.

In contrast to the BDS1200 sample cell, the sample capacitor is not connected to the impedance analyzer by BNC cables. This prevents the performance-limiting effects at high and low frequencies due to cable inductance and piezo-induced charges caused by mechanical noise.

Instead, an active test interface similar to the ZG2 interface is integrated in the cell head; the connection from the converter to the sample is done by rigid air-insulated RF lines. This confines the impedance path from the converter to the sample to the active cell and thus suppresses cable effects.

The temperature range and other features correspond to the BDS1200 sample cell.