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Advanced Control And Evaluation Software For Electrochemical Impedance And Dielectric Measurements In Both Frequency And Time Domains

DETACHEM is our new unified control and evaluation software for dielectric and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as well as time domain measurements (dc voltage/current). It further allows gain-phase and magnetic measurements. DETACHEM offers a uniform user interface nearly independent of the particular hardware, supporting the most important dielectric or impedance analyzers and temperature controllers.

Detachem Main Screen

DETACHEM automatically performs the calibration procedures for the sample cells and allows dielectric and impedance measurements up to four dimensions as a function of frequency, temperature, time, ac voltage or dc bias or any multi dimensional combination.

The basic dielectric and impedance parameters, like complex dielectric function, modulus, conductivity, impedance etc., are evaluated and displayed graphically in two and three dimensional representation.

General Features

  • Automatic detection of supported impedance analyzers and temperature control systems
  • Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used functions, i.e.,
    • Sample Specification
    • Experiment Setup
    • Measurement single sweep/start/stop/pause/resume
    • Multigraphics
    • 3D data view
  • New Multigraphics Features:
    • Extended zooming functions
    • Predefined plots for faster access to your preferred data representations
    • Auto-update of data display for the running measurement
    • Loading of measurement result files in the program while running a measurement by opening additional Multigraphics windows.
  • Graphical online display of measured data in two or three dimensional diagrams, temperature curve and system status
  • Automatic calibration of hardware devices and sample cells
  • Ex- and imports data in several flexible ASCII formats
  • Optional curve fitting software WinFIT for equivalent circuit modelling, data transformations like WLF, Havriliak-Negami, and time domain conversion

Measurement Modes

DETACHEM offers three different types of measurement
  • Frequency Domain: This is the mode for Dielectric and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.
  • Time Domain: This is the mode for all voltage/current measurements with predefined waveforms of voltage or current (potentiostatic and galvanostatic modes, respectively).
  • Gain Phase: This is the mode for Gain-Phase measurements. These use an ac signal and detect two complex voltage signals probed at two different parts of a device under test.

DETACHEM options

  • TEMP option: Support of temperature controlled measurements with drivers for all Novocontrol temperature control systems and industrial controllers. It includes isothermal experiments from temperature lists and / or temperature lists with ramps. By combination several isothermal temperatures and several ramps, any arbitrary temperature time dependence can be programmed.
  • DETACHEM-All option: Includes drivers for three different impedance analyzers instead of one in a standard DETACHEM license.

System requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Supports both 64 and 32 bit versions.

GPIB interface adapters from Novocontrol or National Instruments