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The Peltier-based Heat/Cool System PHECOS

PHECOS is Novocontrol's latest temperature control system for applications in materials research, including dielectric spectroscopy, conductivity spectroscopy, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Since it is based on a dual-stage Peltier element whose sole resource is electrical power, no cryogenic fluids are required for the temperature control operation.

The system sets or ramps the temperature of the sample under test.

The PHECOS System was designed for easy, safe and fully automatic operation enabling computer controlled experiments over several days without supervision as required for low frequency measurements.


1. Note that the exact limits will depend on the particular sample fixture used. E.g., a standard fixture for dielectric samples (PHECOS-BDS) will change the operating temperature range to -45 °C to 190 °C.