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Two Electrode Standard Configurations

For most dielectric, conductivity and impedance material measurements, electrode polarization or contact effects are less prominent. In this case, the standard configuration with the sample material prepared between two parallel plate electrodes is most advantageous.

Sandwich electrodes

This arrangement is simple and allows both reproducible and flexible sample preparation. Nevertheless, the design requirements for a suitable sample cell, designed to operate over wide ranges of frequency, impedance, and temperature without sacrificing the Alpha-A analyzer series wide impedance range and high accuracy are extraordinarily demanding.

Such a sample cell, combined with an active impedance converter mounted in the cell head, is realized by the ZGS test interface. In contrast to other test interfaces and solutions from other manufacturers, ZGS is specified at the sample electrodes position; as a consequence, users do not have to care about artefacts by cell contributions to the measured results.

The ZG2 interface contains the same impedance converter as the ZGS, but no integrated sample cell. The ZG2 test interface can be connected by BNC terminals to any passive sample cell like e.g. BDS 1200 or any impedance device under test.