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Interdigitated Electrodes

In this arrangement, the sample material covers the surface of a comb micro structure electrode. 

Interdigit electrodes may be used in combination with the BDS1200- or Alpha active sample connection head for temperature dependent measurements or direct connected to the impedance analyzer.

Compared to the parallel plate electrodes, interdigit electrodes are less accurate but easier to handle.

High-quality version: BDS 1410

20 mm Interdigit Electrode

The figures show two versions of our high-quality interdigit electrodes (Order No. BDS 1410) with 20 mm and 15 mm diameter, respectively. Spacing between the comb fingers and their width is 150 µm, a 75 µm version (only 15 mm diameter) is also available. The center contact is meant to be connected to ground, thereby reducing interference effects due to external electric fields  like, e.g., from line power.

For ordering, please specify BDS 1410-<diameter/mm>-<spacing/µm>, e.g., BDS 1410-15-75 for 15 mm diameter and 75 µm spacing. Currently available:

Other dimensions upon request.

Low-cost version: BDS 1411

BDS 1411

Low cost versions (Order No. BDS 1411) for one-time use for, e.g., monitoring curing processes, are also available (150 µm spacing, 15 mm or 20 mm diameter).

For ordering, please specify BDS 1411-<diameter/mm>-<spacing/µm>, e.g., BDS 1411-20-150 for 20 mm diameter and 150 µm spacing. Currently available:

Other dimensions upon request.

Temperature Range

Interdigit electrodes may be used at temperatures from −160 °C to +250 °C.



For a full description, see our Dielectrics Newsletter 22 (2006) 5-7