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Quatro Cryosystem

Quatro Cryosystem

The Quatro Cryosystem is a high quality turn key temperature control system for applications in materials research. It can be used with all Novocontrol sample cells for dielectric and impedance spectroscopy.

The system was developed to set or ramp the temperature of the sample under test with high accuracy and reproducibility. The system is modular and can be combined with any Novocontrol BDS dielectric or impedance spectrometer.

The Quatro Cryosystem was designed for easy, safe and fully automatic operation enabling computer controlled experiments over several days without supervision as required for low frequency measurements.

The main parts of the system are the cryostat BDS 1100, gas heating module BDS 1310, pressurizer module BDS 1320, vacuum system with BDS 1350, liquid nitrogen dewarQuatro controller BDS 1330 and power supply BDS 1340

The Quatro controller has four circuits controlling the sample temperature, the gas temperature, the temperature of the liquid nitrogen in the dewar and the pressure in the dewar. In addition the vacuum pressure is measured.

This design allows a very fast, precise and safe operation, which is required for automatically driven systems. Even if sensors would fail or the liquid nitrogen dewar becomes empty, the system will automatically shut down in order to protect itself and the sample.