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Test Interface for Dielectric, Conductivity, Impedance Two-Electrode Spectroscopy and Gain Phase Measurements for the Alpha-A Modular Measurement System

The ZG2 extension test interface for the Alpha-A modular measurement system features high quality general purpose dielectric, conductivity, impedance spectroscopy and gain phase measurements.

ZG2 is an economical version of the ZG4 interface. It has the same functionality as ZG4, but supports only 2 electrode measurements, but no 3 and 4 electrode measurements.

ZG2 has the same functionality as the ZGS interface but is not integrated in a parallel plate sample cell as ZGS.

Like all Alpha-A test interfaces, ZG2 has high general purpose performance and is especially recommended for Compared to the ZGS active cell nterface, the combination ZG2 + BDS 1200 is less accurate. On the other hand, ZG2 is easier to use in combination with other sample cells and therefore somewhat more flexible as ZGS.

The external interface design allows to locate ZG2 close to the sample in order to minimize cable effects. Cables in the sample impedance path may limit the usable high frequency range due to inductance and contribute low frequency noise for high impedance samples.

ZG2 Short Specification

Frequency 3 µHz to 40 MHz (13.1 decades) *
Impedance 0.01 to 1014 Ω (16 decades)
Capacitance 1 fF to 10 F (16 decades)
Loss factor tan(δ) 10-5 .. 104
AC signal out 100 µV to 3 Vrms
DC bias out −40 VDC .. +40 VDC,
70 mA max **
Signal generator output impedance 50 Ω
Voltage in < ± 4.3 Vp dc or ac coupled
Basic Accuracy

Relative Impedance,
Relative Capacity,
Loss factor tan(δ)

< 3.10-5 ***
Phase Angle < 2 m° ***

Relative Impedance,
Relative Capacity,
Loss factor tan(δ)

< 10-5
Phase Angle < 0.6 m°
User Calibrations load, short, open, internal self calibration and diagnostics

* in combination with the Alpha-A mainframe type AT
** requires dc bias option B of the Alpha-A mainframe
*** for details refer to specification charts