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Standard sample cell BDS1200

BDS 1200

The BDS1200 connection head is the standard sample cell for the low frequency range from DC to 10 MHz including a Pt100 temperature sensor.

The temperature range is from −200 °C to 400 °C. 

The cell is connected by four or two wire BNC cables to any kind of impedance analyzer. It is the recommended cell for the Alpha-N analyzer and is compatible with our Quatro, Novocool, and Novotherm temperature control systems.

The sample material is prepared between two parallel electrodes as a sandwich capacitor.

Cylindrical gold plated electrodes are available with 10/20/30/40 mm diameter. After preparation, the sandwich capacitor is mounted between the electrodes of the BDS1200 sample cell.

An active BDS 1200 version avoiding cable effects can be found here.

BDS 1200 PDF Brochure