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Liquid Parallel Plate Sample Cell


liquid cell section
For volatile liquids with low partial pressure, sample material may evaporate out of the standard sandwich capacitor and the measurement accuracy may decrease. 

In order to prevent evaporation, the parallel plate liquid sample cell BDS1308 can be used. In contrast to the BDS 1307 cylindrical liquid cell with guard ring, BDS 1308 is sealed and allows to adjust the cell capacity by variation of the electrode spacing.

In the open state, the cell closing plate and upper electrode are removed from the cell, and the sample material covers the lower electrode. The electrodes gap is adjusted by silica or Teflon spacers. 

In the closed state, the upper electrode is pressed by the cell closing plate and the spring to the spacers. 

BDS 1308

Liquid sample material, which does not fit between the electrodes, can flow around the upper electrode. The two seal rings attached to the Teflon isolation prevent evaporation of sample materials out of the cell.

BDS1308 is mounted in the same way as the standard sandwich capacitor between the electrodes of the BDS1200 or ZGS active sample cell.