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Liquid Cylindrical Sample Cell


BDS 1307

The BDS 1307 liquid sample cell with cylindrical electrodes and guard ring avoids errors related to the thermal expansion of a measured liquid, protects against sample leakage and reduces evaporation. It also increases the accuracy of the measurement by decreasing the influence of fringing fields.

BDS 1307 section view
Schematic of the assembled sample cell. The sample liquid is represented by the blue shading and the blue lines show the effective measuring field.

In contrast to the sealed BDS 1308 parallel plate liquid cell, BDS 1307 has a fixed cell geometry and requires no spacers which simplifies sample preparation.

The sample liquid is filled in the blue cylindrical volume up to approximately the middle of the guard electrode. The electrical field is confined between the inner and outer electrode and no field exists in the region between the guard and inner electrode. Therefore the cell capacity is nearly independent from the liquid level which may change due to thermal expansion in experiments with temperature variation.

BDS1307 is mounted in the same way as the standard sandwich capacitor between the electrodes of the BDS1200 or ZGS active sample cell.