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WinDETA Control and Evaluation Software

WinDETA is the laboratory standard control and evaluation software for dielectric and impedance spectroscopy. It offers a uniform user interface nearly independent of special hardware supporting the most important dielectric or impedance analyzers and temperature controllers.


WinDETA automatically performs the calibration procedures for sample cells and allows dielectric and impedance measurements up to four dimensions as a function of frequency, temperature, time, ac voltage or dc bias or any multi-dimensional combination.

The basic dielectric and impedance parameters, like complex dielectric function, modulus, conductivity, impedance etc., are evaluated and displayed graphically in two and three dimensional representations.


System requirements

Windows Version 10, 8, 7, 64 or 32 bit versions

GPIB interface adapters from Novocontrol or National Instruments

Supported dielectric / impedance analyzers

NOTE: regular WinDETA licences include one single device driver, i.e., one of the above listed analyzers is supported within a particular license.

WinDETA options