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Novocontrol Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Aubachstr. 1
56410 Montabaur/ GERMANY

Phone: +49 2602 919669-0
Fax:     +49 2602 919669-33

How to find us

Instructions on how to reach us from the Montabaur ICE Railway Station


The factory of Novocontrol is located near the city Frankfurt/Main in Germany.

Novocontrol Technologies develops and manufactures advanced electronic instrumentation both for dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and temperature control.

Key products are the dielectric analyzer types Alpha-A, Alpha, and Beta, the temperature control systems Quatro, Novocool Novotherm, Novotherm-HT, and Phecos, the data acquisition and evaluation software WinDETA and WinFIT.

Novocontrol Technologies is a key technology provider for scientific and industrial researchers. We offer a full range of broadband dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectrometers for materials science and engineering, research and quality control.

Novocontrol Technologies has developed a full range of powerful turnkey measurement systems. We maintain a fully equipped technical service laboratory, staffed by experts, and offer free trial measurements on materials of any kind.