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Alpha-A Analyzer

High speed measurements for online monitoring of fast time variant processes

One major area of dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is monitoring time variant samples, which is usually due to chemical reactions or crystallization. Examples are time dependent measurements of e.g. epoxy curing or material ageing. 

Most dielectric analysis systems exhibit data rates in the range of several seconds. This limit is significantly reduced by the Alpha-A mainframe which is available with the fast data rate option F and can measure (and continuously send via the GPIB bus) up to 600 impedance points per second. This allows process monitoring on time scales below 1 ms.

The fast data rates are supported for all test interfaces, but is not available for all operation modes like e.g. reference measurement mode or at frequencies < 200 Hz.

For the mainframe standard version (without the option F) the maximum data rate is up to 10 data points per second.