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Dielectrics Newsletter

Scientific Newsletters for Dielectric and Impedance Spectroscopy

The newsletters provide results from actual research projects, basic articles on dielectric and impedance spectroscopy, example data measured with Novocontrol equipment and detailed technical descriptions of our systems.

Dielectrics Newsletter 28
Issue July 2020
Dielectric spectroscopy of nonlinear effects R. Richert
Advanced low frequency liquid sample holder: double guard electrodes A. Greenbaum (Gutina), I. Popov, V. Lirtsman and Yu. Feldman
The Next Generation Dielectric Analyzer: Alpha-A Rev. C D. Wilmer
DETACHEM - unified software for measurement, control, and visualisation in frequency and time domains D. Wilmer
Dielectrics Newsletter 27
Issue August 2016
Dielectric measurements on attograms and zeptograms of matter A. Houachtia, G. Boiteux, G. Seytre, J.-F. Gérard, A. Serghei
Phecos – the new Peltier-based heat/cool temperature control system D. Wilmer
New Features of WinDETA 6.0 D. Wilmer
WinCHEM upgrade to version 3.0 D. Wilmer
Book Review: Valerica Raicu and Yuri Feldman (Eds.): Dielectric Relaxation in Biological Systems F. Kremer
Dielectrics Newsletter 26
Issue July 2012
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Using Nanostructured Electrode Arrangements F. Kremer, M. Treß, E.U. Mapesa
Correspondance of Dielectric Response in Time and Frequency Domains: A Case Study of PE Nanocomposites Containing Nanoclay C. Daran-Daneau, E. David, M. Fréchette, and S. Savoie
Conference Announcement BDS 2012: "Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and its Applications" F. Kremer
Dielectrics Newsletter 25
Issue July 2011
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy – a New Tool for the Investigation of Tautomerization and Mutarotation Phenomena in Organic CompoundsThe AC and DC Conductivity (Dielectric Constant) of Matrix Dominated Composites Z. Wojnarowska, P. Wlodarczyk, M. Paluch
Broadband Photodielectric Spectroscopy Gennady F. Novikov, Nikolay A. Radychev
New Developments of Novocontrol Technologies D. Wilmer
Dielectrics Newsletter 24
Issue June 2009
The AC and DC Conductivity (Dielectric Constant) of Matrix Dominated Composites G. Sauti and D. S. McLachlan
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy as a Tool to study Diffusion Coefficients in Conducting Glas--Forming Systems J. R. Sangoro, J. Kärger, F. Kremer
Announcement: Training Course on Broadband Dielectric and Impedance Spectroscopy D. Wilmer
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and Its Applications 2008 in Lyon I. Stevenson
Dielectrics Newsletter 23
Issue February 2008
The AC and DC Conductivity (Dielectric Constant) of Composites D. S. McLachlan, G. Sauti
Nonlinear Ionic Conductivity of Solid Electrolytes B. Roling, S. Murugavel
Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century - Novel Applications of Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (Advanced Research Workshop) F. Kremer
Announcement: Workshop "Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and Its Applications" D. Wilmer
New Novocontrol High Voltage Extension HVB 4000 D. Wilmer
A New Database of Publications on Dielectric and Impedance Spectroscopy D. Wilmer
Dielectrics Newsletter 22
Issue December 2006
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy on Ultra-Thin Films Having One Free Interface A. Serghei, F. Kremer
High Frequency Time Domain Measurements of High Permittivity KTN Crystals S. Lerner, P. Ben Ishai, Y. Feldman
Novocontrol Introduces High Quality Low Cost Interdigitated Comb Electrodes G. Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 21
Issue November 2005
Polypeptide Dynamics: 
Glass "Transition" and "Broken" Helices
P. Papadopoulos and G. Floudas
Low Frequency Liquid Sample Holder: 
Three Electrode Type
Yoshihito Hayashi, Anna Gutina, and Yuri Feldman
Impact of the Experimental Conditions on the Dynamics of Thin Polymer Films A. Serghei, F. Kremer
New Turnkey Solution for Dielectric and Impedance Spectroscopy up to 1400 °C G. Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 20
Issue February 2005
Relaxation of Librational Mode in Confined Liquid Crystal Fouad Aliev
Amine Cured Epoxy Layers on Metals – Network Dynamics During Thermal and Hygrothermal Ageing Holger Neurohr, Wulff Possart
Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and its Application 2004 in Delft Graham Williams
Dielectrics Newsletter 19
Issue July 2004
Dielectric Study of an Amorphous Pharmaceutical Drug Substance: "Molecular Mobility – Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics" Correlation Jerome Menegotto, Jean Alié, Colette Lacabanne and Michel Bauer
Second Generation Alpha-A Dielectric, Conductivity, Impedance and Gain Phase Modular Measuring System Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 18
Issue April 2003
Higher-Order Mode-Coupling Theory Description of Dielectric Relaxation in Polymers Hendrik Eliasson
New Presentation of the Dielectric Data R.R. Nigmatullin and S.I. Osokin 
Dielectrics Newsletter 17
Issue November 2002
Conductivity spectra of disordered ionic conductors: Calculating the time-dependent mean square displacement of the mobile ions  B. Roling
IDS 2002 international conference  G. Williams 
Dielectrics Newsletter 16
Issue April 2002
Piezoelectric Resonances in the Dielectric Spectrum of Polymer Films Axel Mellinger
How to analyze the conductivity contribution in dielectric Spectra ? Friedrich Kremer
Dielectrics Newsletter 15
Issue September 2001
Thermal expansion spectroscopy of thin polymer films C. Bauer, R. Böhmer
Broadband dielectric spectroscopy and the molecular dynamics in thin polymer layers Friedrich Kremer, L. Hartmann
Dielectrics Newsletter 14
Issue November 2000
"Conduction - free" dielectric loss de/dlnf - a powerful tool for the analysis of strong (ion) conducting dielectric materials M. Wübbenhorst, J. van Turnhout
Molecular dynamics in grafted polymers L. Hartmann, Th. Kratzmüller, H.-G. Braun, Friedrich Kremer
Dielectrics Newsletter 13
Issue June 2000
Effect of pressure on the side-chain crystallization of poly (n-octadecyl methacrylate) studied by dielectric spectroscopy. M. Mierzwa, G. Floudas, G. Wegner
How to contact ultra-thin (d ≤ 50 nm) organic layers without evaporation of metal electrodes ? F. Kremer, L. Hartmann
High Voltage extension for Alpha analyzer to ± 150V ac and dc up to 1 MHz G. Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 12
Issue November 1999
Impedance spectroscopy on the catalyst zeolite H-ZSM5 Ulrich Simon, Marion E. Franke
Dielectric spectroscopy of cellulose and other polysaccharides Jürgen Einfeld
Application note summery: liquid state electronics of insulating liquids Graham Williams, Dale K. Thomas
Dielectrics Newsletter 11
Issue May 1999
The dielectric properties of ion - conducting polymers Friedrich Kremer
Book review: liquid state electronics of insulating liquids Friedrich Kremer
Broadband dielectric measurement techniques - recent progress Friedrich Kremer
New integrated dielectric analyzer extends accuracy and impedance range for material measurements Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 10
Issue September 1998
Pyroelectric investigations: tool for the study of thermal, elastic and electric properties Siegfried Bauer,
Simona Bauer-Gogonea
The search for low-dielectric constant materials Friedrich Kremer
Novocontrol provides application notes on dielectric spectroscopy Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 9
Issue April 1998
Monitoring crystallization by dielectric spectroscopy Jovan Mijovic
The (dielectric) properties of (ultra) thin films Friedrich Kremer
New development by Novocontrol Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 8
Issue November 1997
Thermally stimulated depolarisation current and pyroelectric measurements using the Novocontrol Cryosystem Ouatro Peter Frübing, Jan Weingärtner, Ludwig Brehmer
Setup for high- pressure- dielectric spectroscopy Thomas J. G. Reisinger, Michael Zarski, Wolfgang H. Meyer, Gerhard Wegner
Dielectric spectroscopy of polymeric materials Friedrich Kremer
On the accuracy of dielectric measurements Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 7
Issue April 1997
Dielectric Properties of polymer electrolytes I. Albinsson, H. Eliasson, B.- E. Mellander
On the analysis of dielectric data in terms of relaxation time distribution functions Friedrich Kremer, Martin Arndt
Dielectric and mechanical relaxation in materials Martin Arndt
New developments by Novocontrol Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 6
Issue September 1996
The dielectric properties of a new electro optic material Gabby Bitton, Ahron J. Agranat, Yuri Feldman
The dielectric properties of proteins Friedrich Kremer
New development by Novocontrol Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 5
Issue April 1996
Molecular dynamics close to interfaces Friedrich Kremer,
Martin Arndt
Book review: dielectric analysis of pharmaceutical systems Martin Arndt
High frequency performance for dielectric measurements to 1.8 GHz improved by the Novocontrol BDS 6000 system Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 4
Issue October 1995
Rotation and translation diffusion in polymeric melts studied by dielectric spectroscopy from 10 -4 to 1010 Hz Andreas Schönhals
Broadband dielectric measurement techniques - a contest Friedrich Kremer
Novocontrol cryosystem for dielectric applications improved by the new Quatro 4.0 controller Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 3
Issue March 1995
Impedance spectroscopy on ligand stabilized metal clusters Ulrich Simon
Use of impedance spectroscopy to monitor progress of reactions in organic materials Jovan Mijovic
New time domain dielectric spectrometer Yuri Feldmann
Data evaluation and measurement control software for dielectric research Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 2
Issue July 1994
Dielectric spectroscopy and the interaction of light and matter J.H.Wendorff,
Th. Fuhrmann
Collective and molecular dynamics in liquid crystals Friedrich Kremer
New broadband dielectric spectrometers Gerhard Schaumburg
Dielectrics Newsletter 1
Issue March 1994
Dielectric and electrical properties of materials Graham Williams
Dielectric spectroscopy: Old spectroscopic technique gains new actuality Friedrich Kremer
Overview: Modern measurement techniques in Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Gerhard Schaumburg