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Leading Quality

The Alpha-A Modular Measurement System for dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was developed especially for materials research. According to our knowledge, there is no other commercial analyzer (or device combination) which offers comparable accuracy, impedance range and flexibility over a broad frequency range from nearly DC up to the 40 MHz range. These features are crucial for high quality materials characterization.

Higher Frequencies

RF mounting rack
The radio frequency Option RF extends the frequency range up to 3 GHz. It is a turnkey solution for temperature-controlled electric and magnetic material analysis. Again we are not aware of any other supplier offering a comparable solution over a wide temperature range up to 3 GHz.
Quatro Cryosystem

Sophisticated Temperature Control

The Quatro Cryosystem controls the sample temperature. It has a worldwide reputation for easy-to-use and accurate operation, allowing fully automated and safe materials measurements running over several days.

Complete Solutions

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In addition to the leading quality of the key components, our strength is to supply turn key systems.

These will provide first class results from the first day of installation. There is no need to bother with technical details. This will be our responsibility, including every system component. We will install the system in your lab according to your requirements. After performance verification we offer extensive training, including measurements of your actual samples and recommandations for optimal sample adaptation and results.

Flexible Solutions

Active sample cell
Our systems are modular, giving you the option to adapt the system according to your requirements. Include existing equipment, build up a system in several steps, or extend the performance later on. Several modules for dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and several temperature control systems are available. Each module or system may be operated as a stand-alone unit. Each spectroscopy module may be combined with each temperature control system. Several impedance analysis modules may be combined with one temperature control module. All modules are controlled by one common WinDETA or DETACHEM software package. Our systems are open. About 16 most common impedance analyzers from other manufacturers are supported by WinDETA and DETACHEM software and can be adapted to the systems as a standard option. Customized or own build temperature control systems or sample cells can be adapted to the other system modules.