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High Voltage Test Interface for Dielectric, Conductivity and Impedance Two-Electrode Spectroscopy for the Alpha-A Modular Measurement System
HVB 4000

The HVB 4000 extension test interface for the Alpha-A modular measurement system features dielectric, conductivity, impedance 2 electrode spectroscopy at dc and / or ac voltages up to ±2000 Vp. 

Like all Alpha-A test interfaces, HVB 4000 not only features excellent general purpose performance but is particularly optimized for broadband high voltage measurements of low-loss dielectrics.

HVB 4000 is especially recommended for dielectrics, semiconductors or electronic components at high AC and / or DC voltages for

For material measurements, operation with the Novocontrol High Voltage Sample Cell is recommended.

HVB4000 Short Specification

Frequency  3 µHz ... 10 kHz (9.5 decades)
Impedance 1kΩ .. 2·1015 Ω (12 decades)
Capacitance   1 fF ... 0.01 F (13 decades) 
Loss factor tan(δ)

10-5 .. 104

AC signal out 20 mV .. 1414 Vrms, 2.7 mA max
DC bias out −2000 VDC .. +2000 VDC, 
2.7 mA max **
Signal generator output
750 kΩ
Voltage in < ± 2000 Vp dc coupled
Basic Accuracy

Relative Impedance, 
Relative Capacity,
Loss factor tan(δ) 

< 3.10-5 ***
Phase Angle < 2 m° ***

Relative Impedance, 
Relative Capacity,
Loss factor tan(δ) 

< 10-5  
Phase Angle < 0.6 m°
User Calibrations open, internal self calibration and diagnostics

 ** requires dc bias option B of the Alpha-A mainframe,
ac + dc voltage peak amplitude must not exceed 2000 V.
*** for details refer to specification charts