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The Novocontrol Electrochemical Impedance System

Neisys Impedance Analyzer
NEISYS Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer

New Compact Analyzer for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

NEISYS is the latest Novocontrol development, a compact high-performance device for electrochemical impedance measurements. It combines modern potentiostatic and galvanostatic functions based on a digital control design with a state-of-the-art electrochemical impedance analysis system in a compact case of very small footprint. In its base version, we offer a versatile measurement device with specifications very well suited for many standard EIS applications at an affordable price.

The standard configuration can be extended by various options (see below) to top-class performance (complete specification) wherever needed. Examples are high-measurement rates and higher frequency options, extended ranges and accuracy, and particular applications like non-linear spectroscopy/higher harmonics analysis. NEISYS comes with an easy-to-use software (running on contemporary Windows systems) with Ethernet as a both inexpensive and reliable system interface.

NEISYS Potentiostat/Galvanostat EIS Base Unit

Voltage/current measurements in the time domain:
Voltage up to ±10 V
Current up to ±500 mA
Sampling speed 10-4 to 105 data points/second (up to 10 MPts optional)
Basic accuracy (voltage, current) 1 % (0.1 % optional)
EIS measurements (frequency domain):
Frequency range 3 µHz to 100 MHz *
Impedance range For details, please cf. the specification charts
Capacitance range 0.1 pF (optional 0.03 pF) to 1 F
Base accuracy Impedance: 0.1 % (0.03 % optional),
Phase: 0.03° (0.006° optional)
General Features
Sample/DUT connection Four-terminal configuration (BNC)
Dimensions 330 mm · 215 mm · 90 mm (d/w/h)
Weight 3.0 kg (3.3 kg including external power supply)
Software NEISYS data acquisition software with online graphics (DETACHEM)
System interface Ethernet (RJ45)
*100 MHz optional, standard frequency range (base unit): 1 mHz to 100 kHz

Sample Rate Options (Time Domain)

Option name Description
NEISYS 1 MPts Sample rate extension up to 106 voltage/current data points/second
NEISYS 10 MPts Sample rate extension up to 107 voltage/current data points/second

Frequency Options (Frequency Domain)

Option name Description
NEISYS 1 M Frequency range extension up to 1 MHz
NEISYS 10 M Frequency range extension up to 10 MHz
NEISYS 50 M Frequency range extension up to 50 MHz
NEISYS 100 M Frequency range extension up to 100 MHz

High Accuracy and Extended Functionality Options

Option name Description
NEISYS HAC High-accuracy option (increased accuracy):
  • 0.1 % (time domain)
  • 0.03 % (frequency domain)
NEISYS EXF Extended Functionality
  • User-defined arbitrary waveforms
  • Adjustable current and voltage limits
  • Sampling times adjustable in individual ramp intervals
  • Higher harmonics
  • Non-linear spectroscopy
  • Fast measurement (up to 500 impedance points per second)
  • Low-frequency limit: 3 µHz
  • Advanced Mode Extension for NEISYS DETACHEM software