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Concept Turnkey Dielectric, Conductivity and Impedance Spectrometers with Temperature Control

Concept systems are based on BDS systems and extend them by one of our temperature control systems. Systems are turn key rack mounted.

All systems include an Alpha-A mainframe in combination with an ZGS active sample cell interface or an Alpha single unit analyzer and/or an RF impedance analyzer, software package WinDeta, WinTemp, WinPlot and WinFit, data acquisition unit, temperature control system Quatro or Novocool or Novotherm and  complete set of electrical cables and vacuum lines. All system are turn key mounted in a rack.


Concept 80
Concept 80

  • Concept 10, 20, 40, 70,  80
    are based on the corresponding BDS systems in combination with the QUATRO Cryosystem.

    Temperature range  −160 °C ... 400 °C 
    Temperature stability ±0.01 °C

    System mounted in 19'' cabinet.

    The Concept 70 and 80 systems include our RF Extension.


Concept 40
Concept 40
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  • Concept 11, 21, 41, 71, 81
    are based on the corresponding BDS systems  in combination with the Novocool Cryosystem.

    Temperature range  −100 °C ... 250 °C
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3 °C

    System mounted in  1/2 19"-cabinet.

    The Concept 71 and 81 system include our RF Extension.


Concept 41
Concept 41
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  • Concept 12, 22, 42, 72, 82
    are based on the corresponding BDS systems  in combination with the Novotherm temperature control system.

    Temperature range  ambient ... 400 °C
    Temperature accuracy ±0.1 °C 

    System mounted in 1/2 19"-cabinet.

    The Concept 72 and 82 systems include our RF Extension.



Concept 43
Concept 43
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  • Optional Additional Alpha-A Test Interfaces for High Voltage, High Current, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and 4 Electrode Measurements

    These are options for systems based on an Alpha-A modular analyzer included in the Concept 4x and 8x systems. The additional interfaces will be integrated in the 19'' rack.