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RF Sample Cells

BDS 2299
RF Sample Cell
BDS 2200 (14 mm)
The BDS2100 and BDS2200 RF sample cells are designed for dielectric and impedance material measurements from 1 MHz .. 3 GHz. They are used in the following Novocontrol Turnkey Systems and as part of the RF extension.

For measurements without temperature control, they can be directly connected to a RF impedance or network analyzer APC-7 connector port. For usage with our temperature control systems, the RF extension line is required as well.

The sample is prepared between two sandwich electrodes building a sample capacitor similar to the BDS1200 cell

The BDS 2100 and BDS2200 have inner diameters of 7 mm and 14 mm, respectively.

Sample capacitor RF electrodes are available from 3 .. 12 mm diameter. Due to the spatial restriction, the maximum electrode diameter for the BDS 2100 is 6 mm.
Electrode spacing may be selected between 10 µm and 5 mm. 

The sample capacitor terminates the analyzer or RF extension line coaxial measurement APC-7 port. The sample impedance is extracted from the measured reflected signal. 

BDS 2100
RF Sample Cell
BDS 2100 (7 mm)
The BDS 2100 can be used in the frequency range from 1 MHz .. 8 GHz. 

RF electrodes from 3 .. 6 mm diameter may be used.

Note: Electrodes with larger diameters are easier to handle. Therefore the BDS 2200 is recommended except if frequencies > 3 GHz are required.

BDS 2214
RF liquid Sample Cell
BDS 2214
This gold plated cup electrode of 12 mm diameter is ideal for RF measurements of liquids with low viscosity.

Small spacers, for instance 50 micron silica fibers, can be used to separate the cup electrode and the top electrode. The top electrode has a diameter of 10 mm so that surplus material is pressed out of the electrode area automatically.