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This is a series of turn key high temperature control system up to 1600 °C including a sample cell for dielectric, conductivity and impedance measurements under controlled atmosphere or vacuum. 

The frequency range covered by the sample cell is DC .. 1 MHz and operation with the Alpha, Beta and Alpha-A analyzers and all test interfaces except ZGS and G22 is recommended.

The Novotherm-HT systems were designed for easy, safe and fully automatic operation enabling computer controlled experiments over several days without supervision as required for low frequency measurements.


  • Turn key temperature control system including temperature controller, oven and 19" mounting rack.
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
  • Sample cell for high temperature tests under controlled atmosphere conditions like e.g. vacuum, inert gas, reactive gas, pH2O, etc included.
  • Crucibles for melting glass.
  • Recommended for operation in combination with DETACHEM control software via IEEE488 (GPIB) interface and Alpha, Beta and Alpha-A analyzers and all test interfaces except ZGS and G22.
  • Application examples:
    Permittivity and conductivity measurements vs T,  pH2O, etc;
    Fuel cell components testing;
    Sensor testing;
    Electrode kinetics;
    Electrochemical pumping, gas permeation and electrocatalysis with gas analysis (e.g. GC or MS) on outlets;
    Determination of the ionic transport numbers of membranes.
HT cell
High temperature sample cell with shielding tube

Available systems

Novotherm-HT 1200: ambient .. 1200 °C
Novotherm-HT 1400: ambient .. 1400 °C
Novotherm-HT 1600: ambient .. 1600 °C

Principle of operation

HT cell connections
Inner high temperature sample cell parts

The high temperature sample cell is immersed into and heated by an oven. The sample temperature is measured by thermo elements within the sample cell and the oven. A two channel cascade digital temperature controller applies the appropriate power to the oven in order to mach the sample temperature to the intended value or follow a temperature ramp. In combination with the DETACHEM control software arbitrary time temperature profiles can be programmed.

The sample cell is hermetically sealed from the surroundings and can be filled with any gas of interest or evacuated. Electrode connections are established in 2, 3 or 4 wire arrangement. For the 2 wire arrangement the standard parallel plate electrodes with up to 20 mm diameter and spacing up to 2 mm are used. In addition several sets of wire and bar electrodes are available as accessories. The cell electrodes are connected by BNC terminals to the impedance analyzer.