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G22 test interface

Test Interface for two channel frequency response, gain phase measurements with differential input channels for the Alpha-A Modular Measurement System

The G22 extension test interface for the Alpha-A modular measurement system features high quality general purpose frequency response or gain phase measurements

G22 measures the amplitudes and phase shift V1high-V1low and V2high-V2low of two voltage channels. It has similar functionality to a dual input channel lock-in amplifier with improved accuracy and extended frequency range.

G22 can not be used for dielectric, conductivity or impedance measurements.

G22 Short Specification

Frequency 3 μHz ... 20 MHz (12.5 decades) *
AC signal out> 100 μV .. 3 Vrms>
DC bias out> −40 VDC .. +40 VDC,  70 mA max **
Signal generator output
50 Ω
Voltage in < ± 4.3 Vp dc or ac coupled
Differential Voltage Inputs with Driven Shields
Input impedance 1012 Ω | 10 pF
Common Mode Rejection < 10-4 below 100 kHz
< 10-3 dB below 1 MHz
Input Bias Current < 2.10-12 A
Basic Accuracy

Voltage ratio V2 / V1

< 3.10-5 ***
Phase Angle < 2 m° ***

Voltage ratio V2 / V1

< 10-5
Phase Angle < 0.6 m°

* in combination with the Alpha-A mainframe types AN, AT
** requires dc bias option B of the Alpha-A mainframe
*** for details refer to specification charts