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DETACHEM Frequency Domain Mode


Supported analyzers

NOTE: regular DETACHEM licences include one single device driver, i.e., one of the above listed analyzers is supported within a particular license.

Experimental Setup: Basic Mode

The basic mode of DETACHEM allows quick and easy configuration of standard spectroscopy experiments, i. e., those that use frequency or frequency and temperature as free parameters.
Basic Mode for Time Domain Setup
DETACHEM Experimental Setup: Frequency Domain in Basic Mode.

Experimental Setup: Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode for Time Domain Setup
DETACHEM Experimental Setup: New Measurement in Advanced Mode.
Advanced Mode offers much more complex experimental configurations. It allows to run measurements of different modes (frequency domain, time domain, gain-phase) to be set-up to run one after the other sequentially. Further options include grouping of measurement steps and repeating both single measurements and groups of measurements. Self-defined measurements can be re-used by referring to their name. While the DETACHEM Basic Mode represents the ideal entry point for beginners and also for routine experiments, the Advanced Modes provides a myriad of new possibilities. Since it is possible, e.g., to use the standard experiments of time domain mode in advanced mode as well, the advanced mode can be considered as highly sophisticated extension of the basic mode for more complex situations.