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Alpha-A Test Interface Concept

Adaptive system functionality and single port operation by high level GPIB commands for easy and straightforward implementation in own programs or existing measurement set-ups

For the Alpha-A analyzer test interfaces a system concept is realized combining the advantages of a stand-alone dielectric, conductivity and electrochemical impedance analyzer with the specialized functionality of traditional combined analyzer/interface combinations.

System topology
System topology for the Alpha-A series and a traditional PC - FRA - interface system

Compared to traditional set-ups the new Alpha-A series has a different system connection topology starting with one out of a series of interfaces which is connected to the Alpha-A mainframe. The mainframe operates the entire system including low level interface control and high level result evaluation. For this purpose the mainframe is operated by a PC via a set of high level GPIB commands in a flexible and simple fashion.

E. g. a typical command sequence could be: adjust AC voltage and frequency, start measurement, read result as complex impedance or capacity. Depending on the interface type, the mainframe automatically adapts its functionality and command set. E.g. the voltage adjust command will accept voltages up to ±500 V for a HVB 1000 high voltage interface but only ±40V for a ZG2 interface, or special commands for DC polarization control will be available for the POT/GAL interfaces.

The adaptive interface concept allows

Though the Alpha-A and all interfaces except G22 are completely integrated in the Novocontrol DETACHEM software, operation by other software may be required if the analyzer shall be operated in combination with other equipment (e.g. a synchrotron ring).

This option is an advantage over traditional device combinations for dielectric or electrochemical measurements, where a frequency response analyzer and an interface need to be controlled by a dedicated PC software and the system can not operate without this software as shown in the figure above.