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NanoKit Contents
The Novocontrol Technologies NanoKit opens a novel avenue to the study of molecular relaxations and charge transport on nanometric length scales - even down to layers of isolated molecules anchored to a surface. To this end, the NanoKit provides nanostructured electrode arrangements of highly insulating SiO2 spacers with heights of typically 60 nm. Highly doped Si dice (ρ ≈ 0.002 Ωcm), cut out of ultraflat wafers (rms roughness about 0.5 nm), are used as electrodes.

The molecules under study are deposited on the substrate (plane die) either by spin coating or by Dip-Pen-Nanolithography (DPN). The sample capacitor is completed by covering the plane die which carries the sample by the upper die which is equipped with nanostructured insulating spacers.

Evidently preparations of this kind require appropriate conditions provided by, e.g., clean rooms or clean benches. Since the surface-to-volume ratio in nanometric samples is extraordinarily high, effects due to the adsorption of, e.g., water or organic pollutants from ambient air have to considered with great care.

NanoKit Electrode Arrangement
Left: Nanostructured electrode arrangement. Thin sample layer (red) on lower plane die, covered with spacer-separated upper die.

The Novocontrol NanoKit offers the essential parts for a straightforward start into the preparation of nanometric thin-film samples appropriate for dielectric measurements. Details of preparation are described thoroughly, rendering your sample preparations and measurements a straightforward procedure.

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