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Spin Coaters

For microscopic or spectroscopic investigations

Novocontrol SCI spin coaters

Our spin coaters help you prepare thin films easily within a few minutes. The spin coaters consist of an exchangeable chuck driven by a high speed motor with electronic speed control and an optional vacuum pump.

Both circular and rectangular substrates can be placed on the chuck where they are held in position by the underpressure below the substrate created either by a small pump (SCE-150 and SCC-200 models) or by the centrifugal force during rotation (SCI series models).

The thickness of the film merely depends on the solid/solvent concentration, rotational speed, and time.

The ergonomic design makes theses spin coaters efficient tools for the preparation of thin films of organic and inorganic substances for microscopic or spectroscopic investigations. They do not require specific skills or experience and are maintenance free. A built-in digital indicator displays exactly the rotation speed for testing under reproducible conditions.

By applying rotational speeds up to 18.000 rpm, thin and ultra thin layers of extraordinary homogeneity can be achieved. All spin coaters are high quality products with 2 years warrantee.


Top-Class Microprocessor-Controlled Spin Coater

SCC 200 spin coaters
SCC-200 Brochure


High End Spin Coaters

SCE series spin coaters
SCE-150 Brochure


SCR series spin coaters
SCR spin coater

Economical Spin Coaters

SCI Series

SCI series spin 	coaters
SCI Brochure

Small-Size Economical Spin Coaters

Small Vacuum pump MVP

Small Vacuum pump MVP. Exact appearance may vary.

Accessory for the SCE-150 and SCC-200 models

Due to a novel design of the rotational platform the substrate is hold tightly on which the sample is to be deposited.

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