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Broadband Dielectric and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Novocontrol Technologies announces its next Training Course on Broadband Dielectric and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to take place March 03, 2020 to March 05, 2020, at the Novocontrol Technologies Head Office Site in Montabaur, Germany under the guidance of Profs. F. Kremer and B. Roling.

Registration deadline: February 20, 2020

The workshop will not only give an overview on the basics of this experimental technique, but also will elaborate on the following topics:

Broadband Dielectric and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (BDS/EIS) have emerged in manifold areas of modern science and technology.

Topics like molecular dynamics in nanometric confinement, scaling of relaxation processes of glass-forming liquids and polymers, charge transport in ion-conducting systems etc. require a detailed understanding of the underlying physical mechanisms which can be achieved by BDS/EIS.

The development and understanding of high-tech materials like Liquid Crystals (LC), Ionic Liquids (IL), "Organic Metals", colloids and polymers incorporated in displays, fuel cells, organic electronics, colloidal suspensions or polymer-based components requires a detailed knowledge of the complex dielectric and conductivity function response, preferentially  measured over a broad spectral and temperature range by BDS/EIS.

The proposed short course provides an introduction into this exciting field of modern science. It will  demonstrate both in theory and in practical exercises the extraordinary potential of BDS/EIS and their applications.

Seminar blocks will be complemented by hands-on experience - under professional guidance, participants perform and evaluate their own experiments, if possible on their own samples.

The regular participation fee will be

€ 1800 net for industrial attendants
€ 850 net for academic attendants

The number of participants is limited. Spaces are allocated on a first come - first serve basis.

Prospective attendants please register using the Registration Form. Please also fill our Questionnaire for Attendees and submit both forms by fax to +49 2602 9199120 or scanned copies to

Contact: Dr. Dirk Wilmer, Novocontrol